WWII Battle Training Area

Exploring how a space becomes a place I reviewed a project I had undertaken eight years ago when I made an HLF Oral History film about WW11.

The area around Sudbourne, Suffolk UK was commandeered during the war as a Battle Training Area. I had interviewed a number of past residents of Sudbourne who were able to recall how as small children in 1942 with their families they were evacuated from their homes.The villagers returned in 1948 and the surrounding area has now returned to farmland and forests.

I looked for ways to link the past with this present. I started by making a monochrome portfolio of current landscapes looking for the areas where I had researched the army had trained. I next superimposed small photographs taken during WW11 now held by Orford Museum. The final set of prints I entitled ‘Lest We Forget‘. My Oral History Film, Memories is held by East Anglian Film Archives, Norwich.

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