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Unvalued III
Project Unseen – EcoARt Project

Body of Work – Eco Expressionistic study of salt marsh and woodland

Love Dandelions

Published Article ‘Love Dandelions’ in On_Landscape Magazine

Orford Ness – Temporal

A series expressing reaction to the Anthropocene Age

Leiston Steam Open Day
Blend of Steam and Soot

A collection of people enjoying steam and soot!

Project Stay Re-connected

Ongoing series of images made during COVID pandemic.

River Ore, Orford
Suffolk Coastal hues and textures

A collection of expressionistic images capturing local colour and textures.



Svalbard Shore
Project Arctic Ice and Rock

A series of abstraction showing the fragility and temporality of the Arctic.

Orfordness Lighthouse as featured on cover of RPS Creative Eye magazine
Selection of My Exhibited Prints

A selection of my prints which have been exhibited. Limited editions are available to buy.


Welcome to my website - an excursion into my art and experimental photography.

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