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Welcome to my website - an excursion into my art and experimental photography.

My ecoart photograph travels across the globe.

October 2021 Recently an edit of my ‘Project Unseen’ was included in a virtual exhibition curated by Duke University, USA. This attracted the attention of undergraduates in China who were curating a live environmental art exhibition in Shanghai. Regretfully this indoor show was cancelled due to Covid but the undergraduates persisted and artwork was exhibited at an outside Art Fair. They organised the printing of one of my images to be included. I wrote up the story to emphasis the need for collaboration not only with nature but with each… Read more My ecoart photograph travels across the globe.

2021 JULY Re-Wilding Photography

Re-wilding land and photography! On a day when ‘more than 100 experts, academics and public figures are calling on the royal family to ‘re-wild’ their land‘, I return some photographs of flowers back to the sites from which I had made the images. I explore more ways to re-wild my image making as well as my garden. The results are scruffy, untidy, messy images BUT I think quite beautiful! The prints hold intriguing shapes, colours and mysterious signs of activity. Nature had yet again traced over my photographs and produce… Read more 2021 JULY Re-Wilding Photography

Deep Ecology in 21st Century

December 2020 I was delighted my submission to haus-a-rest was accepted for publication in their online zine. Image: Mock up sample of gallery exhibition of Project Unseen by Veronica M Worrall My article drew upon my research into early philosophy around ecology, particularly the thinking of Arne Naess (1912-2009). This philosophy accepts our inter connection with the natural world and our inter dependance on natural systems and processes. Once this is fully understood much of the current ravaging for short term gains might cease. This ‘short term cause and… Read more Deep Ecology in 21st Century