JUNE 2022

Thoughts following the Jubilee Celebrations…….

Climate Change, Biodiversity and the Challenge.

Climate Change Expressionism” Veronica M Worrall

I am an artists who takes great joy portraying all aspects of our natural world. However I believe the time has arrived that artists like myself cannot turn a blind eye to the politics of our time as much as we would like to steer away from conflict. With the indisputable evidence of human environmental destruction how can we pursue our creative, imaginative and personal expressions of nature without acknowledging the impact of governmental policies and corporate power. I know many who would prefer to stay calm, isolated and unaffected by such discourse. But I ask myself how can I spend hours watching, waiting and portraying the beauty I find about me without being concern for its future. This future is determined by both governmental policies and individual actions and it has been conclusively, scientifically and subjectively proven that the earth’s systems and its habitats are near a tipping point of destruction. We watch global and local evidence – fires, floods, droughts, heat waves and specie extinctions – all demonstrating an urgent need to reverse our anthropocentric focus. But what can we do as artists?

In the UK we do have beacons of actors, authors, film makers and painters standing up and challenging policies. Throughout the jubilee celebratory weekend, HOPE for a better future was an artistic theme. A theme for a different world from the one predicted by IPCC report, if policies do not change. People such as Stephen Fry, David Attenborough, George Monbiot and Prince William all spoke of the need for change. Painters, sculptors and photographers are exchanging ideas on environmentally friendly art practices and creating work to communicate their concern. We can not give up hope that as individuals can make a difference. We need to change our priorities – embrace the challenge and try to influence policy makers. As artists we need to show we care about the future and take small steps to join with these beacons in finding ways to preserve the nature we love. This may be uncomfortable but what is the alternative? 

There are always arguments why systems we have come to depend upon cannot be changed. There is a raft of inconsistent political messaging and contradictory perspectives. All in all the globe is in a vital transition period and even those who understand the urgency are making adjustments in different ways, in different time frames and in a different order. And too, as individuals, different steps can be taken and often, as I have found, we can be caught wanting in certain areas by those looking to criticise. It can be as scary as jumping off a cliff. All we can do is read as much as possible in order to build a scientific depth of understanding of the urgent need for change and take our own route to minimise our own footprint. Gradually I have made changes – ceased flying, eating less meat, conserving fossil energy, reviewed companies I support, recycle but the most difficult and yet the most important is to support as actively as possible those taking the stand to bring about environmentally sustainable policies. This will mean getting political!!

“Together, if we harness the very best of humankind, and restore our planet, we will protect it for our children, for our grandchildren and for future generations to come,” said Prince William https://www.businessgreen.com/news/4050756/protect-fragile-planet-climate-action-fore-platinum-jubilee-celebrations

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