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“The biodiversity crisis is real and urgent. But – and this is the crucial point – it is not too late. To transition to a sustainable world, we need to tread more lightly on the planet. Until then, we are essentially robbing future generations of their inheritance.” Prof Andy Purvis, Natural History Museum, London.
 (Purvis, The Guardian online 3.6.20)

My blog is a mix – some posts discuss the concepts behind my projects, others introduce you to my philosophies and passion in our changing world. These more discursive posts I intend to add to as the year progresses. Please do contact me with your comments.

JUNE 2022

Thoughts following the Jubilee Celebrations……. Climate Change, Biodiversity and the Challenge. “Climate Change Expressionism” Veronica M Worrall I am an artists who takes great joy portraying all aspects of our natural world. However I believe the time has arrived that artists like myself cannot turn a blind eye to the politics of our time as… Read more JUNE 2022

April 2022

My response to Mark Goldthorpe’s discussion about the word ‘Justice’ in connection with climate change. Please see ClimateCultures blog – Environmental keywords “Global climate change induced partly by human activities raises serious issues of justice between the present generation and future generations, and between communities within future generations. In using the planet’s resources for our own benefit,… Read more April 2022

My ecoart photograph travels across the globe.

October 2021 Recently an edit of my ‘Project Unseen’ was included in a virtual exhibition curated by Duke University, USA. This attracted the attention of undergraduates in China who were curating a live environmental art exhibition in Shanghai. Regretfully this indoor show was cancelled due to Covid but the undergraduates persisted and artwork was exhibited… Read more My ecoart photograph travels across the globe.

2021 JULY Re-Wilding Photography

Re-wilding land and photography! On a day when ‘more than 100 experts, academics and public figures are calling on the royal family to ‘re-wild’ their land‘, I return some photographs of flowers back to the sites from which I had made the images. I explore more ways to re-wild my image making as well as… Read more 2021 JULY Re-Wilding Photography

Deep Ecology in 21st Century

December 2020 I was delighted my submission to haus-a-rest was accepted for publication in their online zine. Image: Mock up sample of gallery exhibition of Project Unseen by Veronica M Worrall My article drew upon my research into early philosophy around ecology, particularly the thinking of Arne Naess (1912-2009). This philosophy accepts our inter… Read more Deep Ecology in 21st Century

2020 Project Stay Re-Connected

November 2020 Article published on Pleased to have my photo essay based around my image making during lockdown has been published. My musings endeavour to tackle my mixed emotions about lockdown and the latest predictions of climate change and diversity. See screen shot of website below. PLEASE Click on this link for full read… Read more 2020 Project Stay Re-Connected

My Art Direction and Invitation for Collaboration

July 2020. Recent professional Portfolio Reviews have been encouraging and I have a number of options for taking my art forward. My work is considered Fine Art recognising the textual quality and my intention to express my ideas rather than taking realistic documentary photography. My love of the countryside and shore lines, which, together with… Read more My Art Direction and Invitation for Collaboration

Project Unseen – EcoART Project

This was an experimental environmental project which became a piece of performance art. The creative process becoming part of the story. It took almost a year to produce. I recorded my time on-site with an old polaroid camera and latterly, during lockdown, I filmed a presentation of the images in my greenhouse – 1 min… Read more Project Unseen – EcoART Project

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