Lake District – Records and Experimentation

November 2021 I returned again to the Lake District with the memories of a trip at a similar time of year to the same area near Derwent Water 3 years previous . An autumn visit to the Lakes suits my preferences. I love to be able to explore the environment with less visitors and with the delight of experiencing the extraordinary colours.

Neither trip was predominately for photography, nevertheless my camera was always with me ready to capture my perspective of the stunning scenery. I was entranced not only by the vistas but I enjoyed playing with the light and rain making patterns in the lakes and waterfalls. I hope my images below show different perspectives of the order and chaos of nature, provoking your curiosity of this autumn landscape. I wanted to capture a thoughtful mood or a feeling of my intense appreciation of a special part of Britain during difficult times. These pictures will be interpreted differently by you and may well suggest a different story to mine.

Please enjoy and let me have your thoughts and critique.

2018 November

2021 November

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