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Tag: experimental photography

Lake District – Records and Experimentation

November 2021 I returned again to the Lake District with the memories of a trip at a similar time of year to the same area near Derwent Water 3 years previous . An autumn visit to the Lakes suits my preferences. I love to be able to explore the environment with less visitors and with the delight of experiencing the extraordinary colours. Neither trip was predominately for photography, nevertheless my camera was always with me ready to capture my perspective of the stunning scenery. I was entranced not only by… Read more Lake District – Records and Experimentation

2021 JULY Re-Wilding Photography

Re-wilding land and photography! On a day when ‘more than 100 experts, academics and public figures are calling on the royal family to ‘re-wild’ their land‘, I return some photographs of flowers back to the sites from which I had made the images. I explore more ways to re-wild my image making as well as my garden. The results are scruffy, untidy, messy images BUT I think quite beautiful! The prints hold intriguing shapes, colours and mysterious signs of activity. Nature had yet again traced over my photographs and produce… Read more 2021 JULY Re-Wilding Photography