2021 JULY Re-Wilding Photography

Re-wilding land and photography!

On a day when ‘more than 100 experts, academics and public figures are calling on the royal family to ‘re-wild’ their land‘, I return some photographs of flowers back to the sites from which I had made the images. I explore more ways to re-wild my image making as well as my garden.

The results are scruffy, untidy, messy images BUT I think quite beautiful! The prints hold intriguing shapes, colours and mysterious signs of activity.

Nature had yet again traced over my photographs and produce a natural scene which can be perused for a long time not quite knowing what will be found. This is similar to the excitement felt when, on a much grander scale, nature is left to rewild a landscape .. insects, birds and small mammals return.

Daisy wild
Dandelion wild
Rose wild
Poppy and stamens
Rose wild too
Poppy and wings

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