My ecoart photograph travels across the globe.

October 2021

Recently an edit of my ‘Project Unseen’ was included in a virtual exhibition curated by Duke University, USA. This attracted the attention of undergraduates in China who were curating a live environmental art exhibition in Shanghai. Regretfully this indoor show was cancelled due to Covid but the undergraduates persisted and artwork was exhibited at an outside Art Fair. They organised the printing of one of my images to be included.

I wrote up the story to emphasis the need for collaboration not only with nature but with each other as we move towards COP26, Glasgow next month. .. a conference which, as John Kerry sais, ‘ is the best hope for the world’.

Virtual Environmental Art Exhibition curated by Duke University, USA (2021)
Environmental Art Stall curated by Kunshan University, China (2021)

I tell the story of this one picture and offer hope in advance of COP26. I was delighted my essay has been published by Climate Cultures. Please follow the link below to peruse.

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