2020 – Trialling Alternative Photography

October 2020

Sunshine no longer enticing me to make new cyanotypes so I turned to edit my filming of the magical sound and colours of the process. Do take 7 minutes out of your busy schedules and sit back and enjoy ‘Sounds of the Colour Blue’! This is not a show-how film … more a meditative collage!

I should love to know your opinion! You are welcome to write in comments box. Is it meditative?

Do try and watch on a big screen with audio.

I follow the exquisite work of experts on Alternative Photography Facebook, I have much to learn but encouraged by the interest others have shown to my tentative steps. I intend to include my attempts in my exhibition Feb 25th – March 3rd 2021 Aldeburgh Gallery, Aldeburgh, Suffolk

August 2020

I have noticed more and more social media posts from people exploring alternative photography during the past few months lockdown….all helped with bright sunshine! As social distancing gave us time to create close to home, photographers have used this opportunity to experiment with traditional photographic processes – processes far removed from the instantaneous click and file of digital photography.


early attempt at anthotype!


I had an additional motive for this type of work. I wished to continue my exploration of working WITH nature for my art. This has now included making a light sensitive emulsion from plant sources. I have tried beetroot, geranium, chard and rose petals.

I admit successful images have alluded me to date!! However, I still have one beetroot image which has been ‘cooking’ in the sun for 2 months!

I found cyanotypes are less likely to fail, if instructions are followed carefully. I share my early work above. This alternative photography journey has taken me to The London Alternative Photography Collective , Alternative Photography Facebook, Malin Fabbri’s book and website – all highly recommended

I shall write more as I gain experience!!!

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