My Art Direction and Invitation for Collaboration

July 2020. Recent professional Portfolio Reviews have been encouraging and I have a number of options for taking my art forward. My work is considered Fine Art recognising the textual quality and my intention to express my ideas rather than taking realistic documentary photography.

My love of the countryside and shore lines, which, together with my research into climate change, inspires me to challenge myself and my viewers to contemplate what we are losing.

My recent prints can stand alone as aesthetic pieces but with my explanation of the processes adopted give insight to my concerns.

I would be interested to work with other artists across media – such as music, poetry and sculpture -who share similar interests. I should also be pleased to work with scientists, land owners and environmental organisations on art/science projects.

We could find intriguing ways to use art as a communication bridge exploring environmental concerns/solutions. Please contact me if you wish to discuss opportunities for collaboration in 2021.

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