2020 Project Stay Re-Connected

November 2020 Article published on climateculture.net

Pleased to have my photo essay based around my image making during lockdown has been published. My musings endeavour to tackle my mixed emotions about lockdown and the latest predictions of climate change and diversity.

See screen shot of website below.

ClimateCultures.net site screen shot

PLEASE Click on this link for full read

June 2020 Background to Project Stay Re-Connected (see Collection)

I explore photography to find ways to evoke an ecological dialogue with myself and viewers. 

During Covid-19 lockdown I consistently read on social media and heard in my Zoom chats that people were noticing the beauty in their back gardens. I too spent time exploring close to home, photographing the trees and flowers blossoming throughout May. As an artist I wished to capture this joy at a time of great global stress.

I hope as a specie we shall stay connected to our natural world. We are discovering the importance of the often unseen, unfolding, yet essential, elemental nature of our own back yards.

In my own ‘back yard’ I returned my photographs to the natural world for a few weeks/months to make images together as a reminder of our interconnectivity.

Over the next few months I shall add to my series of this experimental work in my Stay Re-connected Collection.

more photos and film to come

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